Car vending machine opens in Charlotte

The Queen City has its first very own car vending machine!

  • Carvana has opened a car vending machine in Charlotte.
  • Customers purchase cars online and can pick them up at the machine.
  • Customers have 7 days to “test-own” the car.
  • Raleigh has one as well. 

Carvana has opened one of its famous Carvana Vending machines in South Charlotte off of South Boulevard.

The way it works is a customer who purchases a car from Carvana can select the machine as a delivery option.

The car will then be delivered to the machine, and the customer can use an access code to have the car “vended” to them.

Charlotte is only the ninth city to get a car vending machine, along with Raleigh, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Frisco, Jacksonville, Tampa and Birmingham.

Those who worry about buying a car sight unseen can be reassured by the company’s seven-day, test-run, which allows the customer to make sure the car is right for them.

The Charlotte Carvana Vending machine is located at 3631 South Boulevard. Available vehicles can be viewed here.