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While February falls short, March wholesale price forecast reflect uptick

February wholesale prices didn’t hold up quite as much as the analyst team at J.D. Power Valuation Services expected. But the group thinks March performance will fall in line with what the firm typically has seen during the third month of a year. According to the latest installment of Guidelines, March… Read more »

Top 10 Online Resources for Auto Dealers

Being an auto dealer comes with great opportunity, but operating the business side can be a daunting task. Dealers need resources that are easy to access and simple to comprehend in order to stay ahead in a highly competitive environment. The following resources represent the top 10 go-to providers of… Read more »

Dealerships must change to meet web-savvy, consumer expectations

Dealers must streamline the in-dealership car-buying experience and change to allow web-savvy consumers to complete one or more steps of the purchase process online, according to Cox Automotive’s “Future of Digital Retail Study.” The study was released Jan. 14 as part of a press briefing just prior to the opening of… Read more »

Buying a Car: Can Dealerships Trade or Swap Cars?

If you’re interested in buying a car — whether new or used — you may find yourself in a situation in which the right model is in another state at a faraway dealership. When that happens, you might consider asking your local dealership to trade with the other dealer to… Read more »

How Do I Ship My Car Bought at an Auction?

You did your research. You found the ideal car at the vehicle auction. It only needs some minor repairs before you can get it back out on the road. Everything is great … except you forgot about how you would actually get the vehicle to you. All of the effort you… Read more »