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Free services boost customer-pay work

Editor’s note: Mercedes-Benz of Draper sells about 800 new and used vehicles per year. The figure was incorrect in an earlier version of this story.  It’s fairly common to spot Ray Gunn, general manager of Mercedes-Benz of Draper, in Utah, tucking his business cards under the windshield wipers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles… Read more »

Boutique Car Dealerships Coming Soon?

There are boutique shops selling stylish merchandise and boutique hotels catering to guests who like cozy surroundings. So why not boutique car dealerships? Making the customer-experience case for putting those in select markets is Jim Hoostal, executive director-automotive for Interbrand, a brand consultancy. He foresees the advent of smaller facilities… Read more »

Car vending machine opens in Charlotte

The Queen City has its first very own car vending machine! Carvana has opened a car vending machine in Charlotte. Customers purchase cars online and can pick them up at the machine. Customers have 7 days to “test-own” the car. Raleigh has one as well.  Carvana has opened one of… Read more »

Technology is finally going to kill car dealers, and consumers win

Everybody knows the Internet fundamentally changed commerce. We can find and buy just about anything online now, even cars. But Internet commerce also causes what economists call creative destruction, in which some businesses win and others lose out because they can’t adapt to the new reality. Right now, there’s momentum building that’s… Read more »

5 features of DriveTime’s new wholesale buying tool

DriveTime retails a lot of metal to consumers through its nationwide football of dealerships. Now the company wants to help its inventory buyers acquire necessary units from the wholesale space. Earlier this week, DriveTime announced what it’s dubbed the “Genius Way to Buy a Car” at auctions with the launch of Buyonic…. Read more »