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The hidden security risks within the connected car

Last summer, my friend’s super tech car was stolen. Nothing that strange there except for, with all its tech, maybe it should not have got stolen. However here was the worrying thing. In order to use car’s apps and services, you have to give your VIN number and get a… Read more »

Tesla reportedly burning through cash at rate of $8,000 per minute

Tesla has burned through $4.2 billion over the past 12 months, spending cash at a rate of about $8,000 a minute as it struggles to ramp up production of its Model 3 sedan, reports Bloomberg, citing its own data. At that rate, the news outlet estimates Tesla will deplete its current cash reserves by Aug…. Read more »

How To Roast A Turkey With A Jet Truck

If your relatives insist on having the traditional turkey dinner, skip the cheesy deep-fryer and don’t bother trying to be cute by wrapping bird parts around your puny road car’s exhaust. What you need is a jet truck. This is the 12,000-horsepower Flash Fire jet truck. As you can see, it rules…. Read more »

What color cars hold their value best?

If you’ve ever wondered if the color of your car makes a difference in its resale value, here’s the answer: yes, according to a new study from The average car looses 33.1 percent of its value after three years, but yellow cars are down just 27 percent over that time…. Read more »