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Auto Executives Need to Reinvent How They Sell Cars

Not Just Whether It’s Online or In Person There is no scarier word for traditional retailers than Amazon, and in Asia at least, add Alibaba to the list. Both e-commerce giants have already dipped their toes – and soon probably much more – into the car-selling business. But if automakers… Read more »

Free services boost customer-pay work

Editor’s note: Mercedes-Benz of Draper sells about 800 new and used vehicles per year. The figure was incorrect in an earlier version of this story.  It’s fairly common to spot Ray Gunn, general manager of Mercedes-Benz of Draper, in Utah, tucking his business cards under the windshield wipers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles… Read more »

Revamping The Retail Automotive Customer Experience

If I were to make the mistake of asking whether you look forward to having your car serviced at an auto dealership, I expect you’d look at me as if I’d just grown horns. This isn’t necessarily your car dealer’s fault, or not exactly. The retail automotive customer experience is… Read more »

OEM Battery Trends: How the Latest Technologies Affect Battery Sales and Service

While the latest high-tech amenities are adding numerous safety, comfort and convenience benefits to a vehicle, they also are creating more battery-related issues for vehicle owners. J.D. Power identified the trend in its 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study. In a summary of its findings, the global consumer research company stated: “New… Read more »

Notice to Silicon Valley: Car Dealers Can Adapt Too

Stephen Hawking passed away in March and I recently attended three events, the National Automobile Dealers Assn. convention, the J.D. Power Auto Summit and the 2018 Automotive Forum. What could these things have in common? Well, Hawking, who was of no small intelligence, once said, “Intelligence is the ability to… Read more »