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Can Offering Car-Subscription Service Options Benefit Dealers?

In today’s marketplace, permanence is a thing of the past. Consumers can subscribe to an online marketplace that allows them to order items that they can choose to keep or send back for more options. Buyers no longer have to make long-term purchases. Historically, cars have fallen into the category… Read more »

People are obsessed with buying cars through Costco instead of on their own at a dealership — here’s the verdict

The Costco Auto Program is available only to Costco members.Ted S. Warren / AP The Costco Auto Program allows Costco members to buy discounted cars through participating dealerships. The program makes a lot of the hardest parts of buying a car — like research and negotiation — easier. But it also limits the customer’s… Read more »

Cox Automotive debuts Accelerate digital retail platform

Just over a month ago, Autotrader announced a revamp of the car-shopping site that, among other upgrades, would include online deal-making. That piece of the revamp would essentially allow consumers to start the buying process online through Autotrader and help transition them “from searching to buying when they are ready.” That project took a… Read more »

How 4 Atlanta dealerships are using cloud-based inventory tracking

Cognosos, a supplier of enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) services, has introduced an inventory management platform that lets dealers track vehicles wirelessly across both large and multiple lots. The platform, which is called RadioTrax, finished rolling out at four Atlanta-based Hennessy Automobile dealerships in February. With Cognosos’ new patented wireless cloud technology that allows dealerships… Read more »