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Free services boost customer-pay work

Editor’s note: Mercedes-Benz of Draper sells about 800 new and used vehicles per year. The figure was incorrect in an earlier version of this story.  It’s fairly common to spot Ray Gunn, general manager of Mercedes-Benz of Draper, in Utah, tucking his business cards under the windshield wipers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles… Read more »

Revamping The Retail Automotive Customer Experience

If I were to make the mistake of asking whether you look forward to having your car serviced at an auto dealership, I expect you’d look at me as if I’d just grown horns. This isn’t necessarily your car dealer’s fault, or not exactly. The retail automotive customer experience is… Read more »

Notice to Silicon Valley: Car Dealers Can Adapt Too

Stephen Hawking passed away in March and I recently attended three events, the National Automobile Dealers Assn. convention, the J.D. Power Auto Summit and the 2018 Automotive Forum. What could these things have in common? Well, Hawking, who was of no small intelligence, once said, “Intelligence is the ability to… Read more »

Cadillac’s head of innovation says virtual reality project has ‘no limits’

Though Cadillac’s XT4 compact premium crossover isn’t yet available, dealers can get a head start marketing the vehicle — not through traditional on-site inventory but instead with virtual reality. Dealership salespeople can assist future buyers through virtually experiencing the new vehicle, and all of Cadillac’s models, using the brand’s virtual… Read more »

Online tools streamline trade-in appraisal process for dealerships, buyers

For decades, the first negotiation at a dealership was over the trade-in’s value. And it wasn’t just store vs. customer. Often, the debate pitted the salesman against the used-car manager. A higher trade-in appraisal could save the deal, the new-car salesman knew. But overpay, and the used-car department could be… Read more »