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Auto Executives Need to Reinvent How They Sell Cars

Not Just Whether It’s Online or In Person There is no scarier word for traditional retailers than Amazon, and in Asia at least, add Alibaba to the list. Both e-commerce giants have already dipped their toes – and soon probably much more – into the car-selling business. But if automakers… Read more »

OEM Battery Trends: How the Latest Technologies Affect Battery Sales and Service

While the latest high-tech amenities are adding numerous safety, comfort and convenience benefits to a vehicle, they also are creating more battery-related issues for vehicle owners. J.D. Power identified the trend in its 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study. In a summary of its findings, the global consumer research company stated: “New… Read more »

Cadillac’s head of innovation says virtual reality project has ‘no limits’

Though Cadillac’s XT4 compact premium crossover isn’t yet available, dealers can get a head start marketing the vehicle — not through traditional on-site inventory but instead with virtual reality. Dealership salespeople can assist future buyers through virtually experiencing the new vehicle, and all of Cadillac’s models, using the brand’s virtual… Read more »

Car vending machine opens in Charlotte

The Queen City has its first very own car vending machine! Carvana has opened a car vending machine in Charlotte. Customers purchase cars online and can pick them up at the machine. Customers have 7 days to “test-own” the car. Raleigh has one as well.  Carvana has opened one of… Read more »

Digital License Plates Will Start Appearing On CA Cars

Car dealerships in the area will start selling digital license plates to customers. RPlates are made by Reviver Auto, a company based in Foster City. The company says the RPlate Pro can be used a legal license plate, but can also be used to display advertising or DMV-approved messages like “Don’t Drink and… Read more »