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These Are The Cars People Keep For 15 Years

Behold, the mighty 2003 Toyota Highlander (Image: Toyota) There is a freedom in driving a car for a long time after it’s been paid off. But not every vehicle can go the distance. If you’re the type to keep your car for a long time, have a look at this… Read more »

How to Get the Most Out of Your Car’s Heater

Winter is here, so it’s time to understand how to maximize your car’s heater to keep you and your passengers comfortable and safe. Get the Car Moving “Modern cars don’t need much to warm up before taking off, but it does take a long time for cars to warm up… Read more »

Consumer Reports most satisfied car owners are. . .

Would you buy the same car you now own if you had to do it over again? That’s the question Consumer Reports asked in a survey released today, and Tesla and Porsche owners answered a resounding yes. Behind those 1-2 finishers, two Detroit-based brands also finished in the top 10. Chrysler,… Read more »

How to ship a car

There are times when you need to transport a car from one part of the country to another. Maybe you’ve purchased a car online from a private party or a dealership in another state, or perhaps you’re relocating for a new job. Maybe you want to send a car to… Read more »