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Snow Birds: One Month Or Six?

The real snowbirds, the Juncos, spend about 6 months north and 6 months south.  But south to them is Massachusetts! After the first forecast, “Let’s go someplace warm this winter” is heard in many conversations. It’s what I refer to as snowbirditis. You want some place warm to avoid the… Read more »

It’s prime time for car transport companies

Shipping a car can be easy and convenient, but make sure you have the right carrier Snowbirds heading south trying to get back to sunny weather help make October one of the busiest time for car transport companies, then follows the week between Christmas and New Year’s which is even busier. Let’s… Read more »

Here’s Where ‘Snowbird’ Retirees Migrate When It Gets Cold

Birds of a feather don’t always flock together when choosing their warm-weather nest. “Snowbirds,” who leave their cold-weather hometowns for a month or more in the winter, go to an assortment of warm-weather locales, and the top choices vary widely among different northern cities. For instance, Miami Beach is the… Read more »