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A modern marketer’s guide to selling more cars

When people think about automobile advertising, they probably think about mass-market tactics, from newspaper ads to epic Super Bowl spots. But automobile advertisers know that to move more cars from lots, they have to think locally. Thanks to the internet, automotive dealers are using data in new and creative ways… Read more »

Digital KPIs For The Automotive Industry Of The Future

Car companies are now moving further afield in their digital transformation journey, and are setting new metrics and goals to measure how successful they are in pursuit of their digital future. As a close observer of this growth trajectory, I have been particularly interested in understanding the digital key performance… Read more »

Verizon launches connected vehicle management firm

US telco Verizon has launched its own connected vehicle and mobile resource management firm in a bid to tap into a growing, billion-dollar market. The tech giant has rolled three of its acquisitions, European automotive tech firms Telogis, Fleetmatic, and Movildata, into a single brand called Verizon Connect. New offerings… Read more »

Cox Automotive debuts Accelerate digital retail platform

Just over a month ago, Autotrader announced a revamp of the car-shopping site that, among other upgrades, would include online deal-making. That piece of the revamp would essentially allow consumers to start the buying process online through Autotrader and help transition them “from searching to buying when they are ready.” That project took a… Read more »