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[REPORT] What’s driving the global automotive industry?

The road to 2020 and beyond Key findings Overall, the global automotive industry is in better shape than it was five years ago, especially in the US, where profits and sales have recovered following the recent economic crisis, and in China, where growth remains strong. This progress will likely continue…. Read more »

The Ultimate 2018 Military Discount Guide supports all of our military personnel and have helped many with their sometimes daunting moves. Allconnect put together this 2018 Military Discount Guide that we thought would be helpful. Many utility companies provide discounts for active military and veterans. If you’re moving, it can be helpful to look into state-specific… Read more »

Open Air vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

Auto transport companies make it possible to have your vehicle(s) shipped to virtually any major city in the United States, but how the vehicles are actually transported depends on the services offered by the car shipping company. While most auto transport companies will move the vehicles by way of a… Read more »