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The evolution of clean cars: Interview of a new Tesla Model 3 owner

SACE Board President, John Noel, recently bought the new Tesla Model 3. I had a chance to chat with him recently about his new purchase and discuss his thoughts on the vehicle. In case you’ve missed the headlines, the Model 3 is Tesla’s latest vehicle release and has been touted as… Read more »

Digital License Plates Will Start Appearing On CA Cars

Car dealerships in the area will start selling digital license plates to customers. RPlates are made by Reviver Auto, a company based in Foster City. The company says the RPlate Pro can be used a legal license plate, but can also be used to display advertising or DMV-approved messages like “Don’t Drink and… Read more »

Don’t Fall into a Trap Benchmarking Yourself from other Auto Dealers

Auto dealers seeking to improve their business operations often benchmark themselves against other dealers. That’s fine, but it can fall short in today’s customer-experience world. “It’s a trap some dealers fall into when they compare themselves with other dealers,” Doug Van Sach tellsWardsAuto. He is vice president-analytics and data services… Read more »

People are obsessed with buying cars through Costco instead of on their own at a dealership — here’s the verdict

The Costco Auto Program is available only to Costco members.Ted S. Warren / AP The Costco Auto Program allows Costco members to buy discounted cars through participating dealerships. The program makes a lot of the hardest parts of buying a car — like research and negotiation — easier. But it also limits the customer’s… Read more »

Cox Automotive debuts Accelerate digital retail platform

Just over a month ago, Autotrader announced a revamp of the car-shopping site that, among other upgrades, would include online deal-making. That piece of the revamp would essentially allow consumers to start the buying process online through Autotrader and help transition them “from searching to buying when they are ready.” That project took a… Read more »