Snowbird Service

Throughout those peak winter and fall months, numerous families send their cars to warmer climates and back during spring. Therefore, our reliable company, eCarMover will transport it. We will provide an efficient solution due to our network of drivers. Moreover, we’ll pick up your vehicle safely, professionally, and on time. Click Here for Quote

Expert Delivery from Auto Specialists is a fleet dedicated solely to vehicle transport and support logistics. We don’t ship other freight, our specialists are dedicated solely to providing coast-to-coast car transport solutions, and we’re able to offer cost-effective, fast and reliable transport options to fit virtually every commercial or private transport need.

Manufacturer Delivery

We know OEM Manufactures require on-time pickup and delivery to new car dealerships. We offer the most cost-effective solutions for auto manufacturers. Our in-house logistics team plan and execute the most cost effective logistic support to OEM manufacturers. We offer capable loading nationwide to sea ports, railyard centers as well as manufacturing plants. Our drivers are all Twic card certified. eCarMover also offers logistics support to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands.

Dealer Services

From franchised partners to independent lots, every dealership’s transport needs are unique, and our fleet is flexible enough to meet all of them. Whether you’re transporting vehicles from auction houses, picking up end-of-lease vehicles for remarketing or shipping to customer addresses, our services are scalable to provide affordable logistics to dealers and auction houses of any size.

Private Transport

Many brokers and fleets won’t serve private parties, but our efficiencies allow us to provide transport even to private parties shipping single vehicles. Private sellers rely on to deliver vehicles in as-advertised conditions on schedule, while retirees wintering in warmer climates enjoy the ease of shipping their vehicles rather than risking a cross-country drive.

Learn about the peace of mind’s real-time tracking technology provides.

We offer competitive pricing on every type of transport. Request a quote today.