What is a Snowbird

From November to January numerous families travel from New York to Florida to avoid the winter months and enjoy the warm Florida weather. Since they are going from the cold (snowbird), they need a solution for their transportation needs, and that's where we (eCar Mover) come in. We have the lowest prices on shipping your car from New York to Florida and back again.

eCar Mover offers weekly trips for Snowbird customers with Door to Door Service and Terminal to Terminal. With a Guaranteed date of pick up and delivery, we offer the best service with the most peace of mind, since we are not a Broker. We are a full-service transport company with our drivers and trucks.

Door to Door Service

eCarMover.com can deliver your vehicle door to door. That's right; we can arrange to have your vehicle picked up at your door and delivered to your destination location. This service is the most convenient way to transport your car with the least amount of worries. We can guarantee a date of pick up and have it delivered to the destination door within seven days.

We are not a Broker

We feel it is essential for you to know that we are not a broker.This is important because you won't have to deal with a middle man. You won't have to meet someone in a random parking lot to pick up or drop off your vehicle. When you work with us you are going straight to the source. We are a full-service transport company we have our own drivers and trucks. This saves time and money, and with our door to door option, the most convenient and affordable way to transport your car with the least amount of hassle for you.

Snowbirds Specials


Learn about the peace of mind eCarMover.com’s real-time tracking technology provides.

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